Nyxi originates from Montreal, Qc and has been residing in the USA since 2014. Her love of gaming started at the not so tender age of 3 where she proceeded to dominate King Koopa himself in the Mushroom Kingdom. This fascination only grew tenfold over the years as she played everything she could get her hands on. Regardless of console – whether she wanted to collect all the Rings with her buddy Sonic – or on PC; be it Joust, Pole Position, Spartan or Oregon Trail; she loved it all.

Her teen years were spent going to local LAN meet-ups for Quake and tournaments which also fed her competitive nature. Alternatively, she competed for over a decade in Track n Field events province wide in Canada. Growing up spending the summers in Italy, she learned to make proper espresso; ( #CoffeeSnob) She’s become quite the coffee addict. You’ll see her gaming with coffee. A lot. Like… A LOT.

Nyxi’s hardcore gamer mode leveled up once the XBOX console came out and she got her hands on Halo. This only deepened her bond with all FPS.
Halo is such a big part of Nyxi’s life; She even has 2 Halo tattoos

Despite Halo being such an integral part of her past, her love and discovery of Battlefield grows every day.

Currently Nyxi is playing Battlefield one religiously.

Video Games have always been and still are such an integral part of Nyxi’s life. She’s been an active community member and content creator for over 10 years. Nyxi was also the sole woman to win a Qualifiers for Rainbow Six:  Siege in 2015 in Las Vegas and only female competitor to fly out for the Launch and Final tournament day held in Los Angeles.

Nyxi has collaborated in podcasts with GirlsOnGames. She was also a proud GoG stream team member and had the pleasure to guest on co-streams with Mixer partners who she is happy and proud to call friends. The team has recently been dissolved but her friendships still are very much in tact.
Streaming as often as she can – the support has been nothing less than moving.  Nyxi is PARTNERED with Mixer – contract was signed in November of 2017 !
The goal is to one day be a Community leader. She is a strong advocate for Xbox and is proud to own  4 !
However, she is not opposed to playing on PC either!  Make love – Not console wars.

Catch Nyxi playing a variety of FPS games right here :

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